DeCarlo restaurant kitchen grease ductThe owners of DeCarlo’s Restaurant approached UEP because they were moving their restaurant to the Westchester Condominiums at 4000 Cathedral Avenue, NW. The existing black iron grease duct had experienced a grease fire many years ago and the previous restaurant was shut down. In addition, the exterior of the duct in the kitchen area was covered in asbestos insulation which required removal. 

Chimney Works was tasked with the removal and disposal of the existing black iron flue in the kitchen. Next, they were also in charge of removing the shaft through the building to the roof. By code, the new zero-clearance grease duct was required to be sized to the existing hood which was to remain without changes. This required a very large grease duct to accommodate the required airflow CFMs. We provided and installed DuraSystems – DuraDuct KEX product which comes pre-insulated and meets NFPA and IMC’s 2-hour fire rating and zero clearance to combustibles.

The chase in the building interior was not fire-rated and therefore required a zero clearance 2-hour fire-rated product to keep the occupants safe in case of a fire. The Schebler FyreGuard FG3 product was installed in this location due to the limited space available in the existing shaft at each floor slab. This product was installed from the kitchen to the roof penetration and an exhaust fan was attached to remove the grease fumes.


DeCarlo restaurant kitchen grease duct exhaust fan
DeCarlo restaurant kitchen zero-clearance grease duct