We work with contractors, engineers and owners for new construction and retrofit installations. 

Chimney Works installs UL-listed, prefabricated flue systems. Our team of experts installs support and roof/wall penetration, exhaust fans, and other related accessories as needed.

Boiler & Water Heater Flues (UL-103, UL-441 and UL-1738)

Flue installations venting condensing and non-condensing boilers and water heaters.

Boiler and Water Heater Flues

Generator Exhaust Systems (UL-103)

Flue installations venting commercial engine generators.

Grease Duct Exhaust Systems (UL-1978 and UL-2221)

Flue installations venting kitchen hoods, pizza ovens, bagel kettles and other assorted kitchen exhaust systems.

Grease Duct and Kitchen exhaust

Green Multi-Story Rooftop Dryer, Kitchen and Bathroom Fan Systems

UL-listed modulating rooftop fan system installations venting multi-story dryer, kitchen and bathroom exhaust shafts.

Demolition of Existing Flue Systems

Safe and efficient demolition of existing ductwork.

Grease Duct Exhaust

Commercial Chimney Inspections

Multi-story chimney inspections using state of the art video equipment.

Mission Critical Venting

Factory-engineered venting solutions for data center generators.